Whinging Politicians, bankers and lawyers are total criminal scum. They protect each other
Whinger, Whinge About everything and anything. Whinging and complain, protest and opinion, point of view.
Total Whinger this is the whinging Australian style I DON'T! LIKE IT!. There is nothing i like about politicians lawyers and bankers, they're total scum, just a parasites! This is my whinging

My Whinging

Immigration and Solution

Labor asylum-seeker solution swamped

This is labor solution. Nothing wrong with sending them to Malaysia but there is everything wrong with bringing back three times more. This is not a solution but pure stupidity of a labor government and they immigration policies Whinger

My whinging about carbon dioxide tax

Carbon dioxide tax is the most stupid tax from all the taxes, basically it is tax on air, at the moment the big so called polluters will pay which is total crap, they simply pass the tax and plus on people and nothing will change, people get poorer and rich will get richer, well poor people will die quicker reduce population by 50% ... yippee problem solve carbon dioxide reduced by 50%. Bravo red head bitch well done. You can breathe bit better for a while, can not smell poor in the air any more..... Till population grows again, I am sure politicians will find the way to kill them off again..... and life never been better for politicians....SmileIn reality nothing will happen, people will adjust and get on with their lives. Government will collect bit more tax so they can waste more money and nothing else will change. Smile

Here is an idea why not taxing oxygen, after all without oxygen we've got no carbon dioxide or even better introduced tax on both, and why not.Smile
Power StationCarbon tax is good for you, if you pay for it you will use less of it.

I just wonder who breeds those morons, or maybe some kind of machine breed those impostors in one thing on the mind to exterminate human kind. Smile

JuliaI have to do what's good for the country
TaxPoliticians always hold on to the power to bitter end and drag to hell everyone with them. Sad but true
This whole toxic tax is based on lies it will do absolutely nothing for this planet, the only benefit of this tax will go to the big business as all the tax and plus will be passed on to the consumers. The carbon tax is only good for rising prices up of all goods and services, remember GST is going on top of it and government is pretty quiet about it. Of course the big business (so called big polluters) will keep polluting, nothing will change, but this time they will have open book on ever increasing price rise. Smile

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This is my whinging or opinion, and I don't care what someone may or may not think about it. My Whinging and wining.